Knight: in an ideal world

Here’s a draft for question No. 5 of my application in the Knight News Challenge. The question asks: “What potentially bigger thing might happen if everything went perfectly and the stars all aligned?”

Ideally, my project would lead to a continuing stream of more and better news products.  

Small communities would especially benefit. A news presence would become more cost-effective for small communities that don’t now have their own paper. Community newspaper sites would advance further than they would on their own.

 The news industry would cease needless duplication of effort in developing technology. The money saved would be re-invested, especially in newsrooms, of which many have had dramatic cuts in the past several years. 

The news industry would also learn to listen better.  Mass tech collaboration would spur continuing collaboration – by and for the news industry, civic media, and individual geographic communities.

 Success of the initial collaboration would be followed by a structure (new or expansion of something already existing) that would garner broad support and use. 

The structure would be a productive home for those both inside and outside the traditional news industry who want to combine the best values and practices of journalism and open sourcing. Welcome would be extended to a broad variety of stakeholders – members of the traditional news industry, the ad side of the house, the technology community and the public in general.

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