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Revenue Two Point Zero
(found via Poynter)
From the site:

In the manifesto we posted last week, we identified four strategies for funding journalism. These links point to demonstrations of new revenue models we developed for news companies:

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Findings: AP, and revenue

Doug Fisher at Common Sense Journalism reviews several changes for The Associated Press.

Pat Thornton at The Journalism Iconoclast has ideas about how newspapers can make more money online. These include marketing to current nonadvertisers and learning lessons from Web powerhouses. For instance, he suggests suggests making classifieds free or but selling ads around them or selling extra services, such as featured ads. (Found via Amy Gahran’s Contentious.)

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Findings: cooperation, and revenue

* At Slate, Tim Harford writes about research on whether newspaper Web sites should be free. The article is based on work by economist Matthew Gentzkow. (The PDF is about 30 pages.)

* From Robin ‘Roblimo’ Miller via Poynter’s online news mailing list, I learned of the Newspapers on Drupal group. Members are listed here. Drupal is an an open-source content management platform.

* At Common Sense Journalism, Doug Fisher suggests the news industry form a cooperative “skunk works” — described by Wikipedia as “a group within an organization given a high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy, tasked with working on advanced or secret projects.”

Lockheed Martin had the first skunk works by that name, in the 194os in Burbank, Calif., to rapidly develop the XP-80, a new jet fighter. 

The phrase is based on the “skonk works,” or the still, in the “L’il Abner” comic strip by Al Capp.

New revenue options

Thanks to Amy Gahran, I have a short article on Poynter about new revenue possibilities for the news business.

A few options are creating “new revenue” departments, multimedia advertorials and better paid obits. Also see the comments from Elaine Clisham of API.

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Findings: appointment ads, and Twine

Via the Bivings Report: A more sophisticated, and more useful, ad.

An ad on Yahoo e-mail for a a TV show “gave me the ability to add the show times of the show’s entire first season to my Yahoo! calendar with a button at the very bottom, which means that I can set up reminders of each episode.”

This kind of ad could be great at newspaper site. Or maybe the same function could be added to the news matter. We do have a lot of dated information.

From Read/Write Web: I only glanced at this info about Twine, from Radar Networks, but it seems like it has a lot of potential for, or competition for, news operations.

It’s described as “aspects of social networking, wikis, blogging, knowledge management systems – but its defining feature is that it’s built with Semantic Web technologies.” And ” ‘knowledge networking’ — i.e. it aims to connect people with each ‘for a purpose’.”

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