Findings: Life At

Via the Bivings Report: Life At, private social networks for big apartment buildings.

This is microlocal, and something newspapers should have done. They could still do it.

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Findings: appointment ads, and Twine

Via the Bivings Report: A more sophisticated, and more useful, ad.

An ad on Yahoo e-mail for a a TV show “gave me the ability to add the show times of the show’s entire first season to my Yahoo! calendar with a button at the very bottom, which means that I can set up reminders of each episode.”

This kind of ad could be great at newspaper site. Or maybe the same function could be added to the news matter. We do have a lot of dated information.

From Read/Write Web: I only glanced at this info about Twine, from Radar Networks, but it seems like it has a lot of potential for, or competition for, news operations.

It’s described as “aspects of social networking, wikis, blogging, knowledge management systems – but its defining feature is that it’s built with Semantic Web technologies.” And ” ‘knowledge networking’ — i.e. it aims to connect people with each ‘for a purpose’.”

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