Knight: News Tech Collaboration

I have about 10 days left to finish my proposal for the Knight News Challenge. My basic idea is to bring together a number of technical people for a short time to make local-type news projects.

Kelly Marks from my class suggested a contest that would give the participants cachet. So maybe it could go like this:

* Ask for $25,000 instead of $15,000

* Hold three events on the same weekend, in Silicon Valley, Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; and Bangalore, India; with $5,000 going toward each of the first two and a few thousand for the last. The money would include a leader for each site.

* Dinners on the Fridays for the techies, local journalists and community residents.

* Prize of $7,500 to the group with best project.

* Discussion to choose projects would start online for at least a week before the events.

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Knight News Challenge

Less than two weeks are left to enter the Knight News Challenge. The grant program is awarding up to $5 million over five years for digital innovations for geographic communities.

The deadline is Oct. 15.


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