Findings: BBC customization, and Knight job

Via ReadWriteWeb: The BBC is testing a customizable version of its home page. You can move things around and add and delete certain types of news.

Also, the Knight Foundation is looking for an online community manager.

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Youngsters — Go for the O

Earlier, I noted how journalists’ jobs┬ácan be┬áthreatened by automation and lower-cost labor overseas.

How much this will continue, I have no idea.

But one way to protect ourselves is to be at least competent in activities that can only be done where the news is happening — such as shooting the photos or video and taping the audio.

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Threats or opportunities

Challenge 1: The Internet and niche media — ’nuff said.

Challenge 2: Journalism jobs going overseas. See here and here. [NOTE: Deleted dead link to Craiglsits ad; March 27, 2009.]

Challenge 3: Automation.


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