Knight: News Tech Collaboration

I have about 10 days left to finish my proposal for the Knight News Challenge. My basic idea is to bring together a number of technical people for a short time to make local-type news projects.

Kelly Marks from my class suggested a contest that would give the participants cachet. So maybe it could go like this:

* Ask for $25,000 instead of $15,000

* Hold three events on the same weekend, in Silicon Valley, Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; and Bangalore, India; with $5,000 going toward each of the first two and a few thousand for the last. The money would include a leader for each site.

* Dinners on the Fridays for the techies, local journalists and community residents.

* Prize of $7,500 to the group with best project.

* Discussion to choose projects would start online for at least a week before the events.

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Someone else’s Knight proposal — “Includer”

One concern about the shift of news and other information from paper to digital media is the potential to leave some of the public behind.

Andrius Kulikauskas and the Minciu Sodas laboratory is working on this problem with a Knight proposal for a digital “Includer,” or Flash Drive Editor.

It would be “a device for reading and writing text files (such as emails) stored on any USB flash drive. It is optimized for people in Africa with marginal Internet access so that online community might help them reach out locally.”

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Knight: Who else?

Item No. 12 in my proposal for a Knight grant asks:

Who else is working in this area? How does your work fit into the larger context of work in this area? (Limit of 2,075 characters, about 325 words — This needs to be trimmed.)

Related efforts are either narrowly focused or much broader than community news projects.

Sprints are a type of short collaboration in software engineering. They are part of a method of agile development, designed to respond quickly to needs and requests of the market.