Findings: BBC customization, and Knight job

Via ReadWriteWeb: The BBC is testing a customizable version of its home page. You can move things around and add and delete certain types of news.

Also, the Knight Foundation is looking for an online community manager.

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Knight: questions for second stage

I’m taking a few days of vacation to work on my proposal for the Knight News Challenge.

My request is for support for the planning and marketing of a mass tech collaboration — which would focus a relatively large number of mainly technical people for a defined a relatively short time, to make one or more projects that would either be localized or intended to be made localized.

These are the questions I need to answer (No. 1-4 were part of the original entry):


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Findings: Crowd funds for open-source

Via Read/Write Web: open-sources open-source software. Micropledge is similar.

These could affect my Knight grant proposal for a mass tech collaboration for the news industry.

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Knight: mass tech collaboration

Here is a version of my entry for the Knight News Challenge. This advanced to the second round. I am asking for $15,000 for planning and marketing.

 Describe your project

The mass tech collaboration would bring together and focus the efforts of a relatively large number of mainly technical people for a defined and relatively short period of time. They would develop one or more news or information projects that are either local or are intended to be made localized.


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Knight — Go, David!

My friend David Cohn also got good news from the Knight News Challenge. All three of his entries have advanced to the next round of the competition.

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Knight News Challenge

My first entry for the Knight News Challenge has passed into the next round. I’ve been asked to write a full proposal.

The entry is for a Mass Tech Collaboration.

Essentially, this would be to work out a plan for a bunch of techie types to come together for a short time and make something, or some things. The “something” hasn’t been figured out yet.

Update, Oct. 19: Several of my entries have also been rejected, including four so far today. But some are still pending. 

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Knight News Challenge

I just submitted another entry in the Knight News Challenge. Made deadline with about half an hour to spare.

I’ve been going through many of the “open” entries. There’s a variety, both in ideas and presentation.

Given its relation to journalism, I’m surprised at the large number of entries that don’t get to the point. Many entries start with background information, such as describing a problem or what the entrant has already done, instead of actually describing the project they intend.

Some entries seem to fulfill little or none of the criteria. Many have potential but are similar to other entries. Youth and volunteer journalism are common themes. 

I’m also disappointed by the open entrants that don’t respond to comments. They’re using the collaborative aspect, but not giving a little psychic reward to people who are trying to help them. 

 But here are some entries I like.

Spot Journalism, by my friend David Cohn — Using community-pooled micropayments to sponsor journalism.

Knight Text Team Nigeria — Using text messages on cell phones could help with the digital divide.

Mobile News

Tahoe on Topic — Online issues forum and calendar.

Civic RSS — Help cities use RSS to better inform residents.

Tearsheet — For reverse publishing. I’m not wild about reverse publishing, but smart automation can be good.

My short name — “Includer” —  Another potential option for bridging the digital divide, in Kenya.

My short name — “LED Headline Display

Local School News and Documentation Consolidator

My short name — “Interactive TV

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Knight News Challenge

Less than two weeks are left to enter the Knight News Challenge. The grant program is awarding up to $5 million over five years for digital innovations for geographic communities.

The deadline is Oct. 15.


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