Findings: AP, and revenue

Doug Fisher at Common Sense Journalism reviews several changes for The Associated Press.

Pat Thornton at The Journalism Iconoclast has ideas about how newspapers can make more money online. These include marketing to current nonadvertisers and learning lessons from Web powerhouses. For instance, he suggests suggests making classifieds free or but selling ads around them or selling extra services, such as featured ads. (Found via Amy Gahran’s Contentious.)

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New revenue options

Thanks to Amy Gahran, I have a short article on Poynter about new revenue possibilities for the news business.

A few options are creating “new revenue” departments, multimedia advertorials and better paid obits. Also see the comments from Elaine Clisham of API.

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Alternative revenue models

The news industry isn’t the only one crunched by the Internet. At Last100, Steve O’Hear writes about five alternative business models for music.

1. Free

2. Pay what you want

3. Pay by popularity

4. Subscription

5. Music tax 

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Findings: future business, and the audience

The American Press Institute is offering seminars in Growing Audiences Beyond News and  Building the New Revenue Portfolio.

In comments at Poynter, Bill Marvel, a senior writer at the Dallas Morning News, notes the problem of chasing newspapers chasing nonreaders or casual readers.Pursuing nonconsumers is a valid business strategy — but not at the expense of current, loyal customers.Even if the nonconsumers would like what you’re doing, they probably don’t even know about it. And your core customers grow more and more disappointed … and gradually become noncustomers.

Read/Write Web links to part of series on the future of business at MSNBC.  Besides print newspapers, the list of 10 businesses facing extinction in 10 years consists of:

* Camera film manufacturing

* Coin-operated arcades

* Crop dusters

* Gay bars 

* Pay phones

* Piggy banks 

* Record stores

* Telemarketing

* Used bookstores

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