Findings: venture capital, and rewarding ideas

Via Romenesko: Gatehouse is offering $1 million to employees with ideas that will make the company $50 million.

Via Read/Write Web: Paul Graham of YCombinator, among others, about how the venture capital industry needs to adapt to lower barriers of entry.

Graham says about new businesses, “Now the only threshold is courage.”

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Forging the future from the past

What’s new is often hyped or hated. But sometimes it’s not as new as it seems.

It’s fed with the future, but based on pieces of the past.

Hyperlocal journalism? Why be hyper about it?

Small community newspapers have existed probably as long as newspapers have been published. And before that, there was local oral literature, or even gossip.

Remember the “New Economy” of the late 1990s? And the Internet stock bubble afterward, and all the bubbles before?


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